"I have spent the past 25 years dedicated to creating an environment where every student can succeed.  As a mom, North East Independent School District board member, and member of the Region 20 board of directors, I have focused on improving the public education system, ensuring our teachers have the resources they need to succeed and building a community in which every student can thrive. Will you join me?"
Platform Priorities 
Public Education For All

We need to continue to focus on creating a world-class public education system that equips all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make them life-long learners whether that means college, career readiness, or entrepreneurship.   

Comprehensive Pre-K-12 Curriculum 

You might often hear people say that as Texas curriculum goes, so goes the country. As one of the largest and most influential states in the country, we cannot afford to get our curriculum wrong. That means ensuring that our students have access to learning materials that are factual, objective, transparent and thorough.

World-Class Educators
Great students need great educators and great educators need the right tools to succeed. To meet the demands of the 21st century, we must provide every opportunity for our teachers and school staff to get the training and support they need.

Charter School Accountability 

Texas is home to great school systems and the public school system should always remain our top priority. However, with the recent changes at the state level that have made the opening of charter schools easier than ever, it is more critical than ever that we hold charter operators to the same standards as traditional public schools and provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all charter school applications.

Fiscal responsibility for the Texas Permanent School Fund.

One of the top priorities of the State Board of Education is ensuring the sustainability of our permanent school fund. As someone with years of experience leading one of our state's largest school districts, I have the experience necessary to ensure that we can provide our students and teachers with the tools they need to succeed while maintaining a fiscally responsible approach to the permanent school fund.

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